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6th May 2011

Commonwealth Games Scotland 
Rewards Delhi Medallists


In 2010, the Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS) Board agreed to establish a ‘Medallists Reward Scheme’ for athletes representing Team Scotland at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Today, Michael Cavanagh, Chairman of CGS, announced that the details of the scheme have now been finalised and that the 28 medallists will receive a share of £182,500.


The purpose of the scheme is to show recognition for Scotland’s most successful Games athletes, and to assist them after they ‘retire’ from competing at elite level, with a boost to their longer term savings and investment planning.  


The initiative is being funded through CGS investments, including monies received from the Glasgow 2014 Joint Marketing Plan Agreement.


Commenting on the scheme, Michael Cavanagh said: “It is recognised that whilst many athletes receive some contributions towards their sporting costs whilst competing through the Lottery and other support mechanisms, most put their non-sporting lives on hold and can struggle to re-establish their career after they retire. These funds are targeted to invest in pensions or to assist in establishing their post sporting life following retirement from top flight competition.


“We believe this is a real step forwards and something we are keen to continue for the foreseeable future. We also see this as a tangible benefit for athletes, resulting at least in part from Scotland being the next Games hosts and CGS receiving monies from the required buy-out of our marketing rights by the Organising Committee.”


Gold, silver and bronze medallists at the 2010 Games will receive £10,000, £5,000 and £2,500 respectively. This will be invested on behalf of the athlete and the capital and related interest passed on to the athlete on notification of retirement for their further investment or use. Only one medal per athletes will be rewarded.


Whilst the scheme has initially targeted successful athletes from the recent Delhi 2010 Games, it is planned to operate a similar scheme for Glasgow 2014.


Shooting double gold medallist from Delhi, Jen McIntosh is delighted to be one of 10 athletes receiving the top award of £10,000 and said: “I am already really excited about the prospect of competing in front of a home crowd in Glasgow in 2014 and trying to repeat my achievements from Delhi. However this is a great additional boost for athletes, knowing that they will be recognised and supported in the longer term. I have put my studies on hold this last year to help me realise my sporting dreams and this type of initiative will be really beneficial when the time comes to move on from being a full-time athlete.”


Of the 28 Recipients following the 2010 Games, the shooting athletes are:


Jonathan Hammond (Smallbore Rifle)  - £10,000

Neil Stirton (Smallbore Rifle)             - £10,000

Jennifer McIntosh (Smallbore Rifle)    - £10,000

Kay Copland (Smallbore Rifle)           - £10,000

Shona Marshall (Clay)                      - £5,000

Angus McLeod (Fullbore Rifle)            - £5,000

Ian Shaw (Fullbore Rifle)                   - £5,000

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