What we do


To carry out its functions for its members the SPA organises and runs:

·         A series of Open Air Pistol, 50m Free Pistol and Gallery Rifle Competitions for members and non members to enter

·         Postal Leagues for members and affiliated clubs

·         Training courses for Range Officers, Club Instructors and Club Coaches

·         Open training days

·         A merit badge scheme for members, to encourage development


We also:

·         Manage and train the Scottish National Pistol Squads

·         Selects Scottish teams for National and International matches

·         Provides advice on subjects related to Pistol Shooting (Range design/approvals, new regulations etc.)

·         Lobby Scottish MP's on Firearms related subjects

·         Publish the SPA Newsletter

·         Manage the SPA website

·         Purchase targets and merchandise for sale to raise funds

·         Act as an intermediary body to processes PVG CRBS disclosures for Range Officers, Club Instructors and Club Coaches of affiliated clubs free of charge


The SPA is always looking for ways to respond to the needs of the Pistol and Gallery Rifle Shooting Community in Scotland. 


To do this we need the help of as many supporters as possible, even if you are not a shooter, help can be in the form of membership, donations of not only money but valuable time, equipment, knowledge or with membership as an affiliated club.


What can we do for you? ..... If you do not let us know what you want, we cannot develop to meet your particular interests or needs..... Do make contact, help us to help you... admin@scottishpistol.co.uk
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